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Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children is committed to rescuing horses and using them to help people and to educate those same people. The benefits of equine assisted therapy are well documented for the treatment of PTSD, physical and sexually abused individuals, depression, substance abuse and loneliness. We also teach people riding skills and will give those interested the opportunity to develop skills in the equine industry that will lead to gainful employment.

We teach general animal care and the benefits of conservation, as if there is no understanding about the needs of animals immediately around us, both their physical and emotional needs, then how can their be any understanding of the damage caused through poaching and hunting? Horses are seen as detached and aloof animals with no emotions, so they are perfect and have an enormous impact on a person when they realise how empathetic and emotional horses truly are and more importantly how generous they are with their love and attention. This has a profound impact on people as it dawns on them that every animal has an emotional response to their environment and they have strong family structures that are often devastated by people. They also feel honoured to then be part of the animals family and to recognise this as a fact and not just something that some people say.

Horses are being slaughtered in South Africa and there are not enough people who have the means to do something to truly make an impact.

The levels of abuse and cruelty in this country are also staggering, horses are victims of this abuse as much as dogs and cats are. Many people think that because owning a horse is seen as elitist and for the privileged few, that abuse, neglect and cruelty cannot and does not take place, it does and in staggering quantities.

We need to take action immediately to try and curb this and to educate people as to how to take care of their animals, as well as expose more people to the privilege of being involved with horses, which in turn will ensure that more horses will have homes or people that can donate to their care.

At the Tom Ro Haven we are in urgent need of regular funding to enable us to rescue more horses and to allow more people to become involved with them.

This funding can be as little as R10-00 per month or anything as if a large number of people give a little on a regular basis then we will be able to find our own farm and to start realising the long term goal of having a therapy, education and riding centre.

We are not able to rescue any more horses at the moment due to the lack of funding, so we appeal to all of you to help us in any way you can.

We are also planning a big rescue in the near future, but we are trying to secure funding to enable us to do this on a regular basis.

In order to save our future and humanity we need to take action now or it will be too late, we cannot survive as true human beings without the presence of animals in our world, and without the respect and love for these animals for if we do not take care of those dependent on us, how can we ever take care of ourselves and grow and evolve into better human beings.