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Costs of a horse rescue to Tom Ro Haven charity are a huge responsibility. A cost that horse owners a well aware of. Also aware of this are the many race and competition stables and owners. Who choose to euthanise a champion that has served its purpose. Many of our horses have come from a successful career on the competition circuits.

The initial costs of a horse rescue in adding a rescued horse to our herd can cost between R500 and R3,000 This depends on the cost of transporting the horse rescued to the farm. Saving it from the fate of the cost of a Vet call out and a bullet.

Initial veterinary care cost on arrival at ‘The Haven’ can include a physical exam by a veterinarian, dental exam by a horse dentist and deworming. Inoculation or vaccination medications may also be needed.

The condition of the horse rescued to the charity needs also be taken into consideration. A horse in need of immediate hoof trimming or shoeing, adds the cost. By a visit from the farrier at some R320 to R1,000 per horse. Any corrective work needed drives up the cost as it may take several months of repeated farrier work to get the hooves back in shape.

Ongoing maintenance

From the time a horse arrives at The Haven,  it’s new forever home, ongoing maintenance costs of a horse rescue start adding up.

Each horse eats about three and a half bales per week or 2% of its optimum body weight per day. At current prices, the monthly cost of hay alone, per horse, is approximately R1,820 to R2,125.

Some horses like our Bella require special supplements such as Joint Supplement for her calcified knee. This can add R500 extra per horse needing it per month. Supplements such as grain, bran, and protein can be as much as R1,850  per month per horse.

Routine horse care that needs to be performed include:

  • Hoof Care every 5 weeks by the farrier. This costs from R85 for a hoof trimmed to R250 for each new shoe.
  • De-worming every 3 months to keep the horses free of intestinal parasites. This cost is R145 per treatment.
  • Bi-annual vaccinations for horse flu, etc. requires a visit to the farm by the Vet at R750 per horse, twice a year.
  • Annual dental care requires a visit from the Dentist at up to R600 per horse, and a Vet needs to be on hand.

From time to time emergency veterinary care is required. This can really vary depending on the situation. Colic and Choke are the most common ailments. A cut that needs sutures, anesthetic, and antibiotics can cost anywhere between R2,500 and R3,000 depending on the seriousness of the injury. A horse needing surgery and regular veterinary care or special attention will run the bill into tens of thousands of rands.

Our average monthly cost

Costs of a Horse Rescue in perspectiveOur average monthly cost of a horse rescue to maintain a single horse in feed and supplements alone is R2,490, and can exceed R3,975. You will understand why we need the help of the public and our donors. The herd of horse rescues currently costs R47,260 to feed each month. Add to this the routine care of their health, rent of the farm to stable them, fuel to fetch and carry and pump water to them, … and the routine maintenance and replacement of the stables, tack, feed buckets, etc.

It is through your ongoing support that we can continue our work. To rescue these wonderful animals from euthanasia or worse. Our horse rescue charity allows them to be prepared for brand new beginnings. With caring families who will love and appreciate them as they so deserve. And for them to be useful in healing the children rescued from abuse, trafficking and more, who visit them at The Haven.

You can help!

Payment-PayFastYou can visit our Donors Shop to see and make your charitable donation of any of the many items displayed that we need to maintain the horse rescue charity. Or you could simply select any of the easy and secure payment options displayed to make a donation.
Why not select a horse to sponsor with a monthly contribution?

Your support is appreciated!

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The following is a breakdown of the current conservative monthly feed requirements for our herd of 19:

  • 50kg of 10% feed per day = 1 500kg per month = 38 bags of 40kg @ R280 per bag = R10 640
  • 14kg of equibalancer per day = 400kg per month = 10 bags @ R340 per bag = R3 400
  • 500kg of oats = 10 bags @ R280 per bag = R2 800-00
  • 500kg of bran = 10 bags @ R240 per bag = R2 400-00
  • 6 bales of roughage a day = 180 bales per month of teff or oat hay – R110-00 per bale = R19 800-00
  • 2 bales of lucern a day = 60 bales of lucern per month @ R140 per bale = R8 400-00
  • Supplements we add – R2 800-00
  • Salt – R120-00
  • Oil – R2 500-00

Total feed costs R47 260-00

We are so grateful to Meadowfeeds who donate 800kg of 10% feed each month. A monthly contribution of over R5,000.