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New arrivals, Merideth and Lindor, horses rescued to The Haven herd were saved today from euthanasia and from the horrors of bush racing – after we were reached out to by Haven supporters and members of the public in a Facebook appeal to save their lives.

The pair have settled in well after being greeted warmly by the herd and a team of Haven volunteers.

Tom Ro Haven R20 Pledge

Thank you to AIM for all your hard work and for getting these two horses rescued to safety. Merideth and Lindor will be loved and well cared for at The Haven.
This was a very hard decision for The Haven as we have a heavy monthly financial burden. But when we got the call we could not say no. We had to save them because as a charity that is what we do … rescue horses and help children. ❤️❤️


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Now it’s time to reach out back to the public with a request for support in feeding and keeping them in good health.

Click on the PayFast link and Pledge your R20 today and for the month 💪💪💪
Your R20 may not seem like a lot but for us, it can change lives 🐎🐎

Unleashed Photography - Merideth and Lindor - Tom Ro Haven
New Arrivals Merideth and Lindor