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Lucerne Bales

Suggested donation: R180.00

Lucerne is widely grown throughout the world as forage for grazing animals, and is most often harvested as hay, but can also be made into silage, grazed, or fed as greenchop. Alfalfa usually has the highest feeding value of all common hay crops.

Each R75 donation buys us half a bale.
We use 5 bales a day… or 150 bales each month.

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Lucerne Chaff is a new technology for fibre feeds to be fed alongside concentrates and replace forage or roughage.

After water, fibre is the most important dietary requirement for any horse. Horses are natural fibre digester’s, with more than two-thirds of the horse’s digestive capacity almost entirely devoted to the digestion and absorption of nutrients from fibre.

Fibre is found in many feed substances, such as in grass, hay, chaffs, cubes and mixes. Ensuring horses receive fibre in at least 50% of their diet satisfies both their physical need for fibre to maintain a healthy digestive function and tract, as well as their psychological need to chew for 60% of the time as a form of activity.

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