Rescues & Programmes

Of our Programmes and Rescues, all the horses owned by The Haven are rescued horses.

They all have either been abused, neglected or their previous owner has been unable to continue looking after them and have surrendered them to us for their well-being. After rehabilitation they are used in our various programmes. Some of the horses at the haven are up for adoption, half lease or full lease. Subject to home inspection and screening. Contact us for more information.

Meet some of the beneficiaries

The Homestead

We are always grateful for the interns, students and volunteers who give so much of their time to The Homestead.

Benson Nathan Arendse

This place is paradise for horsing and kids. Each of the horses have a unique set of circumstances they have overcome. Their existence speaks about persistence and resilience

Of our Rescues and Programmes, all the horses owned by The Haven charity are rescued horses.